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WineStraws Are Wine Straws

The WineStraw is a wine straw.

Here come the holidays! You know what that means…. drinking! This Party Pack of 12 WineStraws will get you through the festivities with a bright smile. What the heck is a WineStraw, one might ask. So glad you asked. A WineStraw is a wine straw; that is all.

Look at it this way: now you can have something to talk awkwardly with your relatives about. And it won’t be because of your wine lips! Cheers!

December 11, 2012   No Comments

The Coffee Mug That Bites Back

Megawing Teeth Mug

It’s not exactly the first thing I would want to be greeted with in the morning, but as long as there is coffee involved, I think I could embrace this Megawing Teeth Mug. The hand-carved ceramic mug features a healthy overbite (or would that be an underbite?) and is sure to bring a smile to your face. Unless of course, there’s decaf in that cup, in which case those pearly whites will be greeted with bared fangs.

April 13, 2010   No Comments

Toothbrush changes faucet into drinking fountain

Brush & Rinse Toothbrush

Chances are you enjoy eating, but not brushing up afterward. That’s okay, the dental industry thanks you. However, if you avoid the bathroom sink because brushing can be a messy affair, it might be time to consider the Brush & Rinse Toothbrush.

Available now for pre-order, the toothbrush does away with rinsing glasses, clearing up space on your bathroom counter. The patented toothbrush is constructed in such a way as to divert water upwards, turning your regular ol’ faucet into a drinking fountain. Hey, if it gets the kids to brush, it’s a good thing, right? Remember, strong teeth means better eating.

(Via Oh Gizmo!)

May 27, 2009   No Comments

Cherry Chomper hungry for cherry pits

Cherry Chomper Cherry Pitter by Talisman Designs

This cherry pitter looks hungry. In fact, judging by the expression, I’d say the Cherry Chomper Cherry Pitter downright loves cherry pits. Which is OK, because as much as this little guy appears to like ‘em, I don’t like cherry pits.

The cherry pitter chomps down on inserted cherries — or olives too, but don’t tell him that — and collects the pits in a reservoir in his belly. Pop the cherry out via access in the back, and you’ve got yourself a fresh cherry ripe for eating. With the enthusiastic Cherry Chomper by your side, it won’t take long before you have yourself a nice big bowl of (pit-less) cherries. From Talisman Designs.

May 1, 2009   1 Comment