It’s Always A Circus In The Morning With The Original Circus Waffler

Nonstick Circus Waffle Maker by Smart Planet -- The Original Circus Waffler

Kids running around like monkeys in the morning? Tame them with the Nonstick Circus Waffle Maker by Smart Planet. Measuring 9.25-inches by 9.75-inches, the Original Circus Waffler makes three circus-themed Belgian-style waffles in less than four minutes.

Just like mornings can be on the blurry side (not too much for the kids, hopefully), so too can be this waffler. I see an elephant for sure, and I’m guessing the other two are a lion and a clown. But hey, the kids won’t care how abstract the waffles look when you cover them with butter and syrup. Add some whipped cream to top them off, and your calm little angels will be monkeys again in no time.

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  1. I don’t want to write this waffler off completely and I’m not trying to boycott it at all but mine doesn’t work. I followed the instruction manual and I have used a similar waffler before. My waffler just will not preheat or turn on for that matter. I am extremely disappointed and since I got as a house warming gift with no reciept I can’t exchange it. I guess ill just freecycle it because someone may be able to make use of the parts.

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