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Edible Shot Glass Silicone Mold Makes Cookie Shots

Edible Shot Glass Silicone Mold Make Cookie Shots, Chocolate Shots, Ice Shots, Jello Shots, Mojito Shots. BPA Free & FDA Approved. Dishwasher and Oven Safe

Long day at the playground? Why not kick back and relax with an edible shot glass? Fill with cookie dough, pop the Edible Shot Glass Silicone Mold in the oven and viola! Edible cookie shots. And then after the cookie shots are made, fill with water and pop into the freezer for grown-up shots. Pop em out, fill the little tike’s glass with milk, yours with booze and enjoy*. Who said bonding with children was difficult?

*This is a joke, BTKS does not recommend boozing it up**, especially with your kids.

**This is a joke, BTKS totally recommends boozing it up*** in general.

***On occasion.

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Dairy Industry Gets On Board Food Truck Craze

Real California Buttermilk Truck Famous Breakfast

Not prone to miss an opportunity to tell us how good milk is for us, the California Milk Advisory Board has issued a press release using food trucks as an example for how desirable Real California Milk (and cheese) is.

Click on through for the press release, but more importantly, the biscuit recipe from the Buttermilk Truck.

[

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Have your cereal and drink it too

Fresh Traveller by Arian Brekveld for Royalvkb

It’s not uncommon to want your cake and eat it too. For some, this translates to wanting cereal and having it crunchy too. OK, well maybe that’s a stretch, but the spirit of the statement still stands. After all, it’s simply a matter of wanting a nice bowl of crispy cereal swimming in milk. Even if you have to drink it out of a travel mug.

The Fresh Traveller by Arian Brekveld for Royalvkb makes it possible to enjoy crispy cereal and granola with milk, yogurt or whatever you may prefer. (Does anything crispy or crunchy work in orange juice?) Whatever your pleasure, you can now take it with you to enjoy classic combinations whenever, wherever. Of course with a price tag of $49, you may just be better off buying your box of Cap’n Crunch and pint of milk from the corner store.

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A chocolate milk tornado


Lightning in a bottle? No, a tornado in a cup. A chocolate milk tornado, no less. It’s a fact: Manually stirred chocolate milk just doesn’t taste as good as compared to when it has been sent through a tornado. So, put down that spoon and pick up this Hershey’s Chocolate Milk Maker. Whipping up 16-ounces of well-stirred chocolate milk at a time, this mini-blender makes enjoying a nice tall cool glass of chocolate milk just that much better. And you thought chocolate milk couldn’t get any more fun.

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