Mama, let your children grow up to be pizza-makers

Curious Chef Pizza Kit (7-pc.)

There’s a new breed of pizza-maker out there: one that appreciates the tradition and culture of pizza. Like what microbrewing did for beer drinking, artisan pizza-makers are doing for the classic pie. Restaurants are popping up dedicated to the craft of pizza-making, and the results show in a quality menu. However, for all this attention heaped upon dough, sauce and cheese, the average slice still lacks soul. To be able to partake in this new pizza culture requires a commitment of an entire pie; sometimes I just want to go down to the corner and grab a slice.

Perhaps natural pizza-making skills are learned in early childhood. All these fancy pizza places are great, but the real pizza maestros are out there serving it up one slice at a time. Maybe the Pizza Kit by Curious Chef is the answer. Made specifically for small hands, the seven-piece set is designed to inspire. And if those hands can grow up to make a real, ready-to-go pizza, then your child is practically guaranteed success. (Set up shop near me, and that is a guarantee!)

Set Includes:
• Large Silicone Mixing Spatula
• Nylon Pizza Cutter
• Nylon Pizza Server
• Large Nylon Plastic Knife
• Tomato Cutting Board
• Shopping List Pad
• Pizza Sticker Sheet

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