Go Ahead: Double Dip That Chip

The dreaded double dip: nobody likes it except the dip-ee. But perhaps blame should not only fall upon the offending dipper, but also on the host. People will double dip: it is a fact of life. While there is no getting around human behavior, there is a solution to this understandably important problem. The Ooma… Continue reading Go Ahead: Double Dip That Chip

Easy slices, easy wedges

Knife work can be tedious and dull, especially if your skills are a bit rusty. Even if you are sharp with a knife, chances are you could stand to hone your skills a bit more. Creating perfectly even slices and wedges takes machine precision that most home cooks simply don’t have. However, the Progressive Tower… Continue reading Easy slices, easy wedges

Chilling with the hors d’oeuvres

It is no accident that revelers at a party tend to congregate in either the kitchen or at the table spread. The kitchen is where the refrigerator is (holding all the beer) and the spread, wherever it may be set up, houses all the food. Clearly, these are the two best locations at any party.… Continue reading Chilling with the hors d’oeuvres

Lift & Serve Pan makes bite-sized baking a breeze

Anybody with a penchant for hors d’oeuvres is going to appreciate this nifty pan. From bite-sized quiche to tasty little cakes, creating petite snacks has never been easier. The Chicago Metallic Lift & Serve Single Squares Pan bakes a dozen appetizing treats at a time. It features twelve individual cups each measuring 1¾-inch square by… Continue reading Lift & Serve Pan makes bite-sized baking a breeze