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Keep your cheese (and friends) in line

Prodyne Butcher Block End Grain Board w/4 Cheese Knives

Putting out a cheese plate at a party is a sure-fire way to create a mess. Party-goers attack the hors d’oeuvres all willy-nilly, spreading cheese bits all over the place. As much fun as it is to entertain for your friends, it is no fun cleaning up after them. So, either get a bunch of new, cleaner friends or give them less of a reason to make a mess.

The Prodyne Butcher Block End Grain Board w/4 Cheese Knives is a cheese palette designed to keep cheese-related messes to a minimum. Encouraging guests to keep the cheese on the board, a stainless-steel cutting wire is integrated at one end. As for knives: don’t give guests an excuse to try to make room for a knife somewhere on the table—it will just end up on the floor. The magnetic fence at the back of the board should do nicely for keeping them (the knives) in place. Truly this cheese board is a better option than serving those processed cheese singles you may have been thinking about.

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Chilling with the hors d’oeuvres

Prodyne Appetizers on Ice with Lids

It is no accident that revelers at a party tend to congregate in either the kitchen or at the table spread. The kitchen is where the refrigerator is (holding all the beer) and the spread, wherever it may be set up, houses all the food. Clearly, these are the two best locations at any party. As the festivities reach into the night, inevitably, the beer is removed from the fridge, and the hors d’oeuvres are happily consumed. Usually.

If you find that your guests tend to flock into the kitchen, yet stay away from the food, you may need to reconsider your approach. Perhaps it’s not what your serving, but rather how you’re serving it. The Prodyne Appetizers on Ice with Lids serving tray keeps food fresh and chilled even as your guests warm up. The appetizers rest above a bed of crushed or cubed ice, and feature three double compartment upper food trays so as to maximize variety. There’s even a dip tray included at the center of the serving platter. To assure your guests do gather ‘round and keep the kitchen at least somewhat clear, the tray revolves, making it the perfect spinning accompaniment you want to have at your party.

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