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Hoot! Hoot! Tag Nesting Owl Measuring Cups

Tag Nesting Owl Measuring Cups With Lid

Owls are so wise. What other animals know how to measure ingredients? (Well, besides these similarly-styled Nesting Pig Measuring Cups.) With the Tag Nesting Owl Measuring Cups With Lid there’s no need to look around the kitchen for a helper — just ask the owls!

The set of five measuring cups nest inside each other for storage and are made of hand-painted earthenware complete with embossed detail. A word to the wise (harhar): That big guy in the back is a cookie jar, sold separately.

Check ’em out:

Tag Owl Cookie Jar

Tag Owl-Shaped Appetizer Plate (Set of 4)

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Back To School With Chalkboard Bowls

Chalkboard Bowls with Lids

As long as Back To School* is a theme around here, it would only be appropriate to educate readers about the Chalkboard Bowls with Lids. The set of three bowls not only come with lids for easy storage, but also with integrated chalkboard panels to make it easy for labeling contents and date. So come winter break, you know very well not to open the bowl marked eggs that found its way to the back of the fridge.

*There used to be a thing called chalkboards in the classroom. Kind of like a big touchscreen, except you got chalk dust all over you when you touched it. That and you had to make it work manually.

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America The Well-Seasoned

Boston Warehouse Flags Flying Salt and Pepper Set

The Boston Warehouse Flags Flying Salt and Pepper Set wishes you and yours a safe and festive 4th!

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Two Garlic-Shaped Garlic Keepers (And A Garlic Chopper Too)

Garlic Keeper - Terracotta by MSC International

Garlic is a finicky thing. Some may say that even a little is too much, while others say that there can be no such thing as too much of good thing. Whether you like, love or hate garlic, its pungency isn’t the only aspect that requires a little attention: Where the heck are you supposed to store the stuff?

In the cupboard? In the fridge? On the counter? In a hanging basket with other fruits and vegetables, shedding garlic paper and imparting its essence to everything it touches?

[

March 4, 2010   2 Comments

Go Ahead: Double Dip That Chip

The Ooma Bowl

The dreaded double dip: nobody likes it except the dip-ee. But perhaps blame should not only fall upon the offending dipper, but also on the host. People will double dip: it is a fact of life. While there is no getting around human behavior, there is a solution to this understandably important problem.

The Ooma Bowl designed by Thomas Both gives hors d’oeuvre-lovin’ partygoers a chance to double dip to their heart’s content. The two-bowl design of the 16-ounce capacity (in total) dish is perfect for any number of combinations: chips and salsa, beans and rice, veggies and dip. A little this and a little that, and it doesn’t matter in which order–and all without any of that icky unintentional sharing.

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Deviled Eggs In The Round

Deviled Egg Platter by Tag Ltd.

Deviled eggs are exceptional enough as they are. The concept of taking apart an ingredient, manipulating it and then stuffing it back together is one that seems like it shouldn’t be successful. (Or even successfully appetizing.) However, when it comes to the incredible edible egg there seems to be no end to how it can be used—or served.

Serving deviled eggs doesn’t necessarily require a specialty serving tray, but considering the item, they certainly deserve one. The Deviled Egg Platter by Tag Ltd. holds a dozen and a half eggs within its telltale indentations (the other six eggs are for the cook). The earthenware serving platter has a diameter of 13.5-inches, making for an impressive display. Complete with a glazed finish and a microwave-safe construction (eww), the egg serving tray mirrors the beauty of the deviled egg, bringing a simple yet elegant serving piece that will be the star of the table.

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