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A Pizza Stone Not Just For Squares

Rectangular Pizza Stone

Sicily is triangular in shape like a nice slice of Neapolitan pizza, but Sicilian pizza is square; go figure. Anyway you slice it both varieties are delicious, but if homemade square pizza is on the menu the Rectangular Pizza Stone can help.

While a pan may be the appropriate cooking vessel for a square pizza, the concentrated and uniformly distributed heat provided by having a pizza stone in the oven goes a long way in mimicking the real thing. At a price of only $25, it’s a lot cheaper than having a real pizza oven installed, or having one shipped over from Italy. The chrome-plated steel wire rack is a nice touch too, as anyone who has wrestled with a hot pizza stone would know. Measures 13-inches by 15-inches.

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Brownies: No longer just for squares

Wilton Brownie Cup Pan

The Wilton Brownie Cup Pan takes brownie baking to a new level. Instead of using a regular 8-inch square pan, add a little fun (as if brownies needed more fun) to your brownie mix by baking them into handy cups. Fill with ice cream or frosting for a truly special treat. The nonstick steel pan produces six 3.5-inch brownie cups per batch. Although the indentation is an inch and a half deep, how high you stack your brownie is entirely up to you.

April 10, 2009   1 Comment

Grillin’ in the dark

Camouflage Lighted Hat W/ 2 LED Lights

Spring is just around the corner, and soon the air will be filled with the intoxicating scent of grilled meats. While the days may be getting longer, some of us just cannot wait to fire up the grill. If you find yourself hovering over the grill, trying to coax one last burger out of the grill before losing the light, you may want to consider adding some of your own light.

The Camouflage Lighted Hat W/ 2 LED Lights is a solution for all you nighttime grillers. Attached to the brim are two LED light that are focused to shine in front of you. No more guessing when its time to flip that burger. As an added benefit, consider the fact that it will be dark out when using this, so nobody will see you wearing it.

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Lift & Serve Pan makes bite-sized baking a breeze

Lift & Serve Single Squares PanAnybody with a penchant for hors d’oeuvres is going to appreciate this nifty pan. From bite-sized quiche to tasty little cakes, creating petite snacks has never been easier.

The Chicago Metallic Lift & Serve Single Squares Pan bakes a dozen appetizing treats at a time. It features twelve individual cups each measuring 1¾-inch square by ¾ of an inch deep. When done, the delicate dishes pop right out of the nonstick pan simply by pushing up from underneath. Unlike other stubborn pans, the removable inserts help to lift the food out, leaving you with easy to handle delicious appetizers that are just a bite away.

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