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Owls Ask Who Would Like Some Salt And Pepper

Grasslands Road Petals Owl Salt And Pepper Set

Collectible salt and pepper shakers have one major flaw: they aren’t grinders. Freshly ground pepper is vastly superior to the pre-ground sawdust that populates store shelves. The solution? Stick the salt and pepper shakers on the shelf and look at them while you grind whole pepper over your meal. While freshly ground pepper may taste better, it usually doesn’t come in an overly cute container. Overly cute, as in cute overload, as in: Grasslands Road Petals Owl Salt And Pepper Set. While the small salt and pepper shaker set won’t maximize the flavor of the meal, it may just be perfect for the owl fanatic on your gift list, allowing them to stare at each other throughout every meal.

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It’s A Zoo In There (The Fridge, That Is)


Fridgeezoo gives a voice to all the critters of the icebox by howling and screaming if the refrigerator door gets held open too long. The gadgets are shaped like little milk cartons dressed up as various cold-climate creatures such as a polar bear, a penguin, a seal or a walrus. Of course, since these Japanese gadgets are probably light-activated, you can save even more energy just by unscrewing the refrigerator light.

(Via Oh Gizmo! and Craziest Gadgets)

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Together At Last: Yoga, Cats, Dogs And Drinking

Yoga Dogs Pub Coasters

There’s not much to like about these Yoga Dogs Pub Coasters. Then again, there’s not much to not like either. Dogs doing yoga. Okay, sure. Unless you have been walking through life with some kind of an aversion to dogs doing yoga these coasters should barely register. Except, of course, for the most dedicated of dog and yoga fanatics. In any event, they exist.

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Sushi Rice Now With More Fun

Inomata Sushi Mold Rice Ball Maker

Plain white rice can be so… plain. While that can be good for everything from digestion to how awesome it works with practically any other ingredient, it’s how it’s served that could use a little sprucing up. Especially when we’re talking about exceedingly cute hearts, stars and bears.

The Inomata Sushi Mold Rice Ball Maker transforms everyday boring sushi into exciting fun-shaped sushi you can play with. Place rice into the mold, cover, press and then push it out—your fish won’t know what hit it. Although that salmon nigiri might have an inkling when it sees that bear coming at it.

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Ultra-hyper-mega-cute animal drinking mugs

Upside Down Animal Mugs from Décole Japan

They look like little ultra-cute pieces of chotcke sitting on a shelf into you turn them over, and then you see these pieces from Japan’s Décole are actually drinking mugs. The Upside Down Animal Mug collection measures about 4 inches tall each (upside down or not) and come in three hyper-cute versions: cat, panda and piglet. These mega-cute little drinkers will set you back $20 each. Too much cute? Yeah, maybe.

***UPDATE 9/29/13*** Looks like things got a bit topsy-turvy at the link above; they are sold out. However, here is a link to the upside down panda mug: Decole Animal Face Mug – Panda. Hyper-mega-super-cute lives on!

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