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See And Drink With Party Animal Face Coasters

Party Animal Face Coasters

Got a nose? Have a face? Use your mouth? Well, then. You are in luck! These Party Animal Face Coasters will liven up the party indoors and out. Perhaps taking their design cue from people holding LP record covers over their faces, the drink coasters hold one major advantage over that activity, namely, being able to see while holding the thing up to your face. Taking a swig from the beverage however, might get a bit messy. But that’s okay, you animal!

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Turn A Pallet For The Palate Into A Palette

Pallet For The Palate Turns Into A Palette With Palette-It

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or on the table. Some might see artistic renditions of beer glass shaped drink rings on the table, while others may see a lot of ugly white spots complete with condensation. Helping to keep these accidental masterpieces at bay are the Palette-It Drink Coasters.

So, while one is imbibing and enjoying drinks on the palate, these pallet coasters will be protecting the table top. Of course the pallets will eventually start looking like artist palettes, but one could always frame them when the artistry (or drinking) is complete.

September 10, 2013   1 Comment

Where’s My Beer Pager?

Beer Pager

Okay, I get the temporarily misplaced can of beer phenomenon. It is a terrible cost of modern living and something simply must be done about it. But the Beer Pager? Consisting of a drink coozie, a coaster and a remote paging device (a.k.a. a button), it seems pretty clear that the only thing this contraption will do is find where I left that damn coaster.

Unless… that coozie is glued to the coaster which in that case this is the greatest device ever invented.

Product Description:
Where is my beer? Clicking the remote device on the Beer Pager unleashes a satisfying burp and flashing lights so you can easily locate your beer can up to 60 feet away and even through walls! Holder keeps your beverage cold, too. Holder operates on 4 AA batteries (not included). Remote batteries included.

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Kikkerland Burger Coasters

Kikkerland Burger Coasters

It may be impolite to set your drink down on a table without using a coaster, but it is really impolite to set your drink down on a hamburger. Unless of course, said hamburger is a Kikkerland Burger Coaster. Which in that case is not only polite, but classy too.

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Together At Last: Yoga, Cats, Dogs And Drinking

Yoga Dogs Pub Coasters

There’s not much to like about these Yoga Dogs Pub Coasters. Then again, there’s not much to not like either. Dogs doing yoga. Okay, sure. Unless you have been walking through life with some kind of an aversion to dogs doing yoga these coasters should barely register. Except, of course, for the most dedicated of dog and yoga fanatics. In any event, they exist.

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Watch Condensation Form: Now With 40% More Fun

Flowing City Coasters by Megawing

Drink coasters usually don’t do much. Sit there and protect the coffee table from condensation, that’s about it. Pretty boring stuff. However, these Flowing City Coasters by Megawing do more than just soak up our drinks. Made from silica gel, the coasters are formed into the shape of Taipei, Taiwan and allow for condensation to become trapped in the alleys and streets. Pretty neat and more fun than watching those annoying white circles work their way into the tabletop.

(Via Oh Gizmo)

Flowing City Coasters by Megawing - close up

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