Grill, Grill Against The Dying Of The Light

LED Triple Grill Light

It is time to ‘spring forward’ this weekend, meaning the 5’o’clock shadows will be held off until later in the evening. Of course, this means we will be spending more time outside. Outside, and cooking, that is. Even though we are afforded an ‘extra’ hour of sunlight, backyard grillers still know no bounds when it comes to time spent at the grill. So, Daylight Saving Time or not, expect grilling sessions to extend into the night.

No, that doesn’t mean burnt steaks and charred chicken; all that is needed to fend off the shadows is some artificial lighting. The Sur La Table Triple-LED Grill Light CC9280 is a serious lighting solution. Housed in a durable plastic case, the three directional LED bulbs are designed to illuminate the entire grill surface as you head into that good night.

(With respects to Dylan Thomas.)

LED Triple Grill Light

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