Roll In The Fourth

Rolling Outdoor Patio Deck Party Cooler 65 Quart Capacity

With the sound of exploding fireworks still reverberating in our collective heads, it’s time to get back to work. Better not look in the backyard then. The landscape of empties leftover from the Fourth of July backyard BBQ might not look so appealing. Perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad if one could roll away the bottles and cans with the same enthusiasm they were originally brought out to the backyard to begin with. The Rolling Outdoor Patio Deck Party Cooler might be able to help. With a 65-quart capacity the rolling cooler has room enough for 100 cans of beer (or soda, I suppose). Perfect for restocking and rolling back in the house to help celebrate the Fifth of July.

***UPDATE 10/1/13*** The link above has been changed from (sold out) to amazon (in stock!) Keep the party rolling!

Patio Pool Deck Beverage Ice Cooler 65 Quart Solid Steel Box Home Party Rolling

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