All-in-1 Chair Lags Behind In Design

I see no flaws with having a portable cooler that does double duty as a chair: you can take it with you everywhere you go. Filled with ice during the hot summer months there would be no better way to fly (or sit). I do however see one major flaw with the All-in-1 Chair.

Moon bounce for your beer

Beverages don’t tend to do too well in bouncy situations, but that doesn’t mean a cushion of air cannot provide a relaxing cloud-like bed for them to lounge in. Just don’t bounce in it. As tempting as though it may be, this raft-like Inflatable Serving Bar is probably too small for the average adult to… Continue reading Moon bounce for your beer

Party like a Jerk with this wine dispenser

Boxed wine may not be the taboo it once was, but that doesn’t mean you want to look at the packaging while drinking it. Pretty much the first thing anybody who has ever bought a box of wine has done is look inside the box. (Well, maybe the second: pouring a glass is usually the… Continue reading Party like a Jerk with this wine dispenser