Yes, Unicorns Make Rainbows

Like most people, I thought unicorns pooped rainbows. Turns out we were all wrong. Rainbows do come from unicorns (of course), but they come out from three little holes on their back. Or at least rainbow sprinkles do. And now you know. Here’s the evidence: Unicorn Sprinkles Shaker.

Football, Shaken Not Stirred

It’s the Sunday before Thanksgiving and you know what that means: Football! The leaves are changing, the weather is cooling and Thursday Night Football is just around the corner — oh wait, TNF has already been ruined by the season-long amateur production from NFL Network — okay, strike that last one. But still, the season… Continue reading Football, Shaken Not Stirred

Extremely Large Cocktail Shaker For A Long Weekend

Its name is Sasquatch. Its mission: deliver the drinks; ten at a time. Your mission? Enjoy the long weekend. Preferably with nine friends! Sasquatch 110oz Extremely Large Cocktail Shaker Product Details: The rumors are true! Forget everything you know about cocktail shakers and upgrade to a our supernatural sized sasquatch cocktail shaker! Large enough to… Continue reading Extremely Large Cocktail Shaker For A Long Weekend

Why, Of Course: Graffiti Cocktail Shaker

The little ball-bearing that rattles around the bottom of the spray paint sounds kind of like ice clinking around in a glass, right? No? Well, listen again. And use the Kikkerland Graffiti Cocktail Shaker next time to make mixed drinks. And despite how many you have, try not to get the two confused.

The sound of one hand grinding salt and pepper

Salt and pepper make everything taste better. The two common spices find their way into practically every meal. While the popularity of salt and pepper cannot be debated, delivery method of said spices certainly can be. Salt and pepper grinders, shakers and mills come in all sizes, shapes and configurations. When it comes down to… Continue reading The sound of one hand grinding salt and pepper