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Beware Of The Skeleton Apron Chef

Black / White Skeleton Print Barbecue Apron BBQ Bones

Don’t trust a skinny chef, as they say. But what about one that is all skin and bones? Or in this case, only bones? If I were you I would keep a close eye on whoever is wearing this Skeleton Print Barbecue Apron. Or more importantly, keep a close eye on what they are cooking!

**UPDATE 3/26/2013** The link for the skeleton apron above has turned to dust, so here is a Skeleton Glow In The Dark Costume T-Shirt instead. Because even though you can’t trust a skinny chef, at least whoever is wearing this has nothing to hide.

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Finding Flavor A Citrus Section At A Time

Progressive Citrus Keeper Set, LKS-05CDP by Progressive International

A splash of citrus does so much for so many recipes. One squeeze can brighten up anything from salad to steak. But what to do with the remainder of the lemon or the lime? Sure, baggies are always an option, but then that means reaching into a funky bag at some time in the future. The Progressive International LKS-05CDP Citrus Keeper Set has a better idea.

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Monkey Silicone Pot Holders

Monkey Silicone Pot Holders

How many monkeys does it take to cook a meal? Two! At least when you have the Monkey Silicone Pot Holders at the ready. (And they might even do the dishes for you too!)

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Candy Cane Tea (Infuser)

DCI Candy Cane Tea Infuser

Candy canes are nice to look at; eating them… well, eh. Let’s just say there are plenty of other candy options that many would reach for first. Perhaps that’s why they are only plentiful during one time of the year. (Just like the evil creation known as candy corn.) Luckily there is a way to have your candy and not have to eat it too.

The DCI Candy Cane Tea Infuser is a clever way to enjoy the ubiquitous holiday ‘treat’ without having to pry it away from your teeth hours later. Fill with tea leaves, steep as desired and relax to a nice cup of tea. Perhaps while hanging real candy canes on the tree.

Product Description:
Have a delightful cup of tea at the Holidays with this Candy Cane Tea Infuser. This red and white striped infuser will hold your favorite tea leaves and brew you the perfect cup of tea. Simply put loose tea inside the candy cane, close and hang from your mug. Fill with hot water and brew tea to your desired strength. Remove infuser and enjoy.

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Chicago Metallic Split Decision Nonstick Pie Pan

Chicago Metallic Split Decision Nonstick Pie Pan

Cherry or apple pie? The answer (as it always really has been) is: Yes.

Oh, but what about pumpkin pie? Darn, just when all the world’s problems were solved.

Check it out here: Chicago Metallic Split Decision Nonstick Pie Pan. Note that the center divider is removable, so it can work as a regular pie pan too.

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Cute Kissing Spice Owls

Cute Kissing Owls -- Westland Giftware Life's Little Journey Life is a Dance Owls 2-3/4-Inch Magnetic Salt and Pepper Shakers

The name could use a little work (Westland Giftware Life’s Little Journey Life is a Dance Owls 2-3/4-Inch Magnetic Salt and Pepper Shakers), but the results are nice. These–we’ll call them cute kissing owls–are designed by Lori Siebert and are salt and pepper shakers that sit together in a fun pose. Looks like they are not quite available as of yet, but that might only because of the ‘new’ tag they have up on Amazon. When will they become available? Only the wise would know.

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