Finding Flavor A Citrus Section At A Time

Progressive Citrus Keeper Set, LKS-05CDP by Progressive International

A splash of citrus does so much for so many recipes. One squeeze can brighten up anything from salad to steak. But what to do with the remainder of the lemon or the lime? Sure, baggies are always an option, but then that means reaching into a funky bag at some time in the future. The Progressive International LKS-05CDP Citrus Keeper Set has a better idea.

Designed to store wedges upright, the storage solution makes lemon or lime wedges easy to access as well as to find in the refrigerator. Nestled amongst the victuals these little domes wouldn’t be easy to miss, which is a good thing considering the flavor that citrus can impart.

Product Description:

Airtight domed lids on these lemon and lime keepers lock shut to preserve freshness and flavor of citrus fruit. Unlock with a simple twist to remove fruit. Easy to identify in the refrigerator, clear domed lids fit the natural round shapes of lemon and lime, and color-coded bases mirror color of fruit. Sectioned bases keep whole citrus, halves or wedges upright. Color-coded bases let you quickly identify citrus fruit in the refrigerator. Dishwasher-safe.

Progressive International develops timesaving innovations for food preservation and kitchen prep. A dedicated team of professionals turns practical kitchen ideas into functional solutions. Progressive tools and organizers make cooking and storage more efficient for the home gourmet and professional chef.

Product Features:
• Identify and preserve fresh citrus with clear, easy-view lids and color-coded bases
• Airtight domed lids lock shut to retain fresh flavor
• Easily twist lid to unlock
• Clear domed lids fit the natural round shapes of lemon and lime
• Sectioned bases store whole citrus, halves or wedges upright
• Progressive International develops timesaving, innovative tools, accessories and organizers to make cooking and storage more efficient in the kitchen

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