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Molecular Gastronomy Kit by Cuisine R-EVOLUTION

For the budding scientist…

Molecular Gastronomy Kit by Cuisine R-EVOLUTION

Product Description:
Algae extracts and other texturing agents will help you play with the texture of juices, sauces, creams and dressings. Create original dishes with caviar beads that burst in the mouth, light or iced airs, creamy ravioles and nouveau genre spaghettis. Enter a new era of cooking, the creative cuisine of renown chefs at your fingertips!

For the tool hound who likes to drink on the job…

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Where’s My Beer Pager?

Beer Pager

Okay, I get the temporarily misplaced can of beer phenomenon. It is a terrible cost of modern living and something simply must be done about it. But the Beer Pager? Consisting of a drink coozie, a coaster and a remote paging device (a.k.a. a button), it seems pretty clear that the only thing this contraption will do is find where I left that damn coaster.

Unless… that coozie is glued to the coaster which in that case this is the greatest device ever invented.

Product Description:
Where is my beer? Clicking the remote device on the Beer Pager unleashes a satisfying burp and flashing lights so you can easily locate your beer can up to 60 feet away and even through walls! Holder keeps your beverage cold, too. Holder operates on 4 AA batteries (not included). Remote batteries included.

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Kikkerland Burger Coasters

Kikkerland Burger Coasters

It may be impolite to set your drink down on a table without using a coaster, but it is really impolite to set your drink down on a hamburger. Unless of course, said hamburger is a Kikkerland Burger Coaster. Which in that case is not only polite, but classy too.

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Seeing (Cow) Spots In The Kitchen

Vinyl Farmyard Cow Spot Removable Wall Decal Stickers by Winston Brands

Cows are pretty recognizable creatures. They are big, slow and make milk. Another thing they got going on are spots. Lots and lots of spots. If one decides to decorate a kitchen with these Vinyl Farmyard Cow Spot Removable Wall Decal Stickers by Winston Brands nobody would ask what they were. Why perhaps, but certainly not what. Moo!

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March Of The Gingerdead Men

Fred and Friends Gingerdead Men Cookie Cutter/Stamps

Untold numbers of gingerbread men sacrifice themselves starting around this time of year. All they ask is for a little recognition. So, please people, if you are going to be making gingerbread cookies, do so with these Fred and Friends Gingerdead Men Cookie Cutter/Stamps. The cookie cutters impress upon the gingerbread the proper and anatomically-correct position of the underlying skeletal structure, meaning that as they get happily chomped upon, they won’t be forgotten for the brave little soldiers that they are. Also, their tiny little bones are safe to eat and do not require use of a fillet knife.

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Zoinks! It’s Monday!

Scooby Doo Zoinks! It's Morning Coffee Mug by ICUP

This Scooby Doo Zoinks! It’s Morning Coffee Mug by ICUP certainly got the sentiment correct regarding mornings. Considering that it is Monday on top of it, better make it a double shot. Can’t even blame those meddling kids for the start of the week. Jinkies!

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