Atypyk Cowstick

What the heck is an Atypyk Cowstick? WHY CHOOSE BETWEEN A REFRIGERATOR AND A COW, IF YOU CAN HAVE BOTH? Oh, cow stickers for the refrigerator door. Moo!

Cast Iron Owl Trivet

Who thinks trivets come in handy? This Cast Iron Owl Trivet certainly does. And since owls have that preternatural ability to turn their head almost all the way around, who better than an owl to look out for your kitchen counters? The apple, fish, heart and ship helm trivets must be jealous.

Easter Mustache Egg Decal Tattoos

There are certain things one associates with Easter. The Easter Bunny obviously. And of course, eggs. And now, mustaches. Because mustache. That’s why. Proving that is never too early to grow a ‘stache, Williams Sonoma is giving the world Easter Mustache Tattoos just in time for… well, just in time for any time honestly. The… Continue reading Easter Mustache Egg Decal Tattoos

Ho! Ho! Hot! Sriracha Candy Canes!

Somehow, all of the television commercial-makers, store display-makers and aisle filler-uppers decided that it was time for Christmas. It came down upon us suddenly and the now-ubiquitous red and green holiday decor is everywhere. Coincidentally, Sriracha is now everywhere too. It was only a matter of time, but now we have Sriracha Candy Canes. The… Continue reading Ho! Ho! Hot! Sriracha Candy Canes!