Das Can-in-Stein

 ThinkGeek Das Can-in-Stein

This is filed away under ThinkGeek’s annual April Fool’s Day shenaniganary, but something tells me this one is gonna show up for real someday. It’s happened before and should happen again. I have a good feeling about this. (Previously, the Star Wars Tauntaun Full Size Sleeping Bag made it from gag to reality.)

The ThinkGeek Das Can-in-Stein is (will be) designed to hold any 12 ounce can transforming it into a pewter tankard. It should be simple enough to produce, so perhaps one day soon we will all be making toasts like Oktoberfest patrons, Dark Ages knights, or Vikings and whatnot with the amusing drink accessory. However, in preparation for such day, start the bread-growing now — it is highly doubtful that the Mr. Beard Beard Machine will make it into production in time.

Happy April Fool’s Day!

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