Timetable says: Hurry up and eat!

The Timetable

The Timetable may have been invented as a means to improve efficiency in the office, but this productivity-enforcing table could change the way we eat.

Designed by ico Design Consultancy in collaboration with Sidekick Studios for the advertising agency Wieden and Kennedy London, the Timetable features a countdown timer in conjunction with visual clues, all for the purpose of increasing productivity during meetings. After setting the countdown timer, a series of illuminated panels keeps everybody on their toes as they slowly switch off. When the last light turns off, a preprogrammed voice tells everybody the meeting is over and it’s time to get out. Actually, it politely says, “This meeting is now complete, please leave the room in an orderly fashion”, but the message is clear: Get. Out.

For restaurant or home use, the table makes it clear when it’s time to leave. Diners or guests are freed from the responsibility of social cues to determine their slowly diminishing level of welcome-ness. I doubt any restaurant that would employ such bold means of rushing diners out the door is going to have much repeat business, but despite their rapidly-evaporating Yelp ratings, the Timetable may have a positive function. When the meal is done and diners sit around awkwardly waiting for the bill, diners could (ahem) turn the tables and hurry that process along.

(Via Oh Gizmo!)

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