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Gama-Go Bowtie Bag Clips

Gama-Go Bow-tie Bag Clips

Clip-on ties are not usually considered to be the epitome of high-class. Oh how wrong that is! The Gama-Go Bowtie Bag Clips combine high style and salty snacks. These clip-on ties not only ooze class and style, but they also keep chips and the like from going stale. Considering that the greatest social faux pas is serving stale crackers with a cheese ball, these things might just be the height of refinement.

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Cherkees: Beef Jerky Potato Chips

Cherkees: Beef Jerky Potato Chips

It’s pretty clear that there is always room for more on the snack shelf, despite the overcrowding. The trick, of course, is to make your product stand out amongst the bags of chips, pretzels and popcorn. One way to get noticed is to add something unique to your snack of choice. Like beef.

Cherkees Beef Jerky Potato Chips are a blend of potato chips and good old-fashioned beef–not beef-flavor, beef as in beef-beef. They come in recognizable flavors like Cracked Pepper, Teriyaki and Smokehouse, which begs the question: what the heck to eat them with?

Product Description:

Cherkees are a hybrid of two delicious snack foods; beef jerky and potato chips. These are NOT beef jerky flavored potato chips. Cherkees are beef jerky and potato chips at the same time! Real lean beef and crispy potato finally meet. Cherkees are indeed unusual: very low in fat, high in protein, not fried. Ingredients include; potato, beef, onion, soy, spices. Package size: 5.8 oz.

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Cheesy Poofs Are Happening

Frito-Lay Cheesy Poofs

While some may say we have enough salty snacks without the need to add fictional items to the store shelves, others may say, “No Kitty, my Cheesy Poofs!” Cartman, along with everybody else, will finally get their chance from August 28th through September 18th. Frito-Lay has partnered with Comedy Central to produce the iconic package from South Park. The limited edition snack will have a hefty run of 1.5-million bags, finally giving fans of show a chance to try Cheesy Poofs–assuming Cartman doesn’t get to them all first.

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Giant Raisins Overtake California Town

“Raisinets City”, Calif. (March 24, 2011) /PRNewswire/ — March 24th is National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day and in celebration NESTLÉ® RAISINETS® took over the small town of Raisin City, California renaming it: “RAISINETS City” for the day!

As the “the first chocolate covered raisin candy to have a cartoon series”, Raisinets are not exactly inexperienced with innovative marketing. Nestle, makers of the chocolatey snack have organized a takeover promotion involving the small California town of Raisin City. Renaming the town Raisinets City for the day, the event coincides with National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day, but really as we all know, it’s just an excuse to dress up as giant raisins.

Clink on through for the press release and a link to the cartoon series.

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Brownie Brittle Now Available Nationwide

  Brownie Brittle -- Fancy Food Show and Television Star -- Now Available Nationwide

Well, somebody either had a happy accident in the kitchen or couldn’t decide whether to make brownies or brittle–either way, the two are now combined. Brownie Brittle was conceived with brownie edge lovers in mind; every bite is crispy. Now available in the three flavors nationwide, the dangerous delicious snack can be found in Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter Chip and Toffee Crunch varieties.

Read on for the press release…

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Hats Off To The Packers

Green Bay Packers Snack Helmet

Now that the greatest snack day of the year is over, what will you do? Put a lid on it and wait until football season starts again? Nah. How about: put a lid on it, and keep it on the table, adding to the permanent decor of the living room? That’s the way to go for any true fan. A lid on what? Why, the Green Bay Packers Snack Helmet of course. Hats off to the Green Bay Packers for winning the Super Bowl!

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