Hey, if your team doesn’t win today, there is always next year. right? Well, the same also applies if you missed out on the proper decor for your Super Bowl party. Only 365 days left to pick up the Boston Warehouse Touchdown Field Chip and Dip Set!

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Go Mini At CES

It might not be the biggest news out of CES 2011, but it could be the littlest. Well, the most edible at least. Taking advantage of the electronics show to announce a new miniature product may be commonplace, but The Hershey Company usually isn’t involved. However, when the announcement is regarding Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups,… Continue reading Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Go Mini At CES

‘Drinkify’ To Your Heath With Tropicana Tropolis

Well news of this sort is sure to inspire ridicule. At the very least, in how it is presented. PepsiCo announced that they want to ‘snackify’ drinks and ‘drinkify’ food. Yes, they used those words. From the CEO of PepsiCo: “We see the emerging opportunity to ‘snackify’ beverages and ‘drinkify’ snacks as the next frontier… Continue reading ‘Drinkify’ To Your Heath With Tropicana Tropolis

Saltine Bling

Food-inspired jewelry will never go out of style (as long as we keep eating, that is). However, it’s usually not the lowest rung on the food chain that gets the gold. Usually. In this case, it does get the gold. Literally. The un-fanciest of crackers, the lowly saltine, has now become elevated in status with… Continue reading Saltine Bling