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Turkey And Gravy Leftovers Are Still Good, Right?

Turkey and Gravy Potato Chips packaging art by Boulder Authentic Foods

It is January, 2018. Happy New Year! And if you still have leftovers in the fridge maybe it’s time to move on. There are always other options to keep the holiday food season alive. Mmm, turkey and gravy potato chips!

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Celery Inside Celery For Celery Infinity

Hutzler Snack Attack Celery and Dip to Go Serve Set

You are what you eat. So of course, it’s important to know what you put into your body. One way to do that is to look at the package. The list of ingredients are a telling sign of what’s to come. But what of food that has no ingredient list? Shouldn’t our one-ingredient meals get the same treatment?

The Hutzler Snack Attack Celery and Dip to Go Serve Set says yes. It might look more like a mysterious green bullet than a heart of celery, but once you know, you know what’s inside. Not only does the amusing celery container transport celery to and fro, but the design also includes a self-contained dip container.

Hutzler Snack Attack Celery and Dip to Go Serve Set with dip

They say it takes more calories to consume celery than it gives back resulting in so-called negative calories. Of course, that doesn’t include whatever mysterious fatty dip that the dip container has in store. But hey, designing a dip container in the “shape” of dip is probably kind of hard to do.

And here’s something that’s fun to say: Also available in Carrot.
Hutzler Snack Attack Carrot and Dip to-Go

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Kitchen Thing

Kitchen Thing

This is a kitchen thing. Use with caution. No pricing information as of yet.

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Cheesy Poofs Are Happening

Frito-Lay Cheesy Poofs

While some may say we have enough salty snacks without the need to add fictional items to the store shelves, others may say, “No Kitty, my Cheesy Poofs!” Cartman, along with everybody else, will finally get their chance from August 28th through September 18th. Frito-Lay has partnered with Comedy Central to produce the iconic package from South Park. The limited edition snack will have a hefty run of 1.5-million bags, finally giving fans of show a chance to try Cheesy Poofs–assuming Cartman doesn’t get to them all first.

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Parmesan Pencils For Writing In Cheese

Parmesan Cheese Pencils form The Deli Garage

Freshly-shaved parm is a great way to add texture and flavor to anything from pizza to salads. And now, paper too. The Parmesan Cheese Pencils form The Deli Garage are a clever spin on the traditional method of shaving the cheese. Formed into the shape of a pencil, each cheese stick is embedded with extra flavor: chili, pesto or truffle. A pencil sharpener is included with the ‘pencils’ and allows for instant shaving of the cheese over anything and everything, including delicious, delicious words.

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Retrosink: Vintage Bread Labels

Militzer's Bread Label

Considering that Monday is a good day to look to the past (as in too bad the weekend is over), a little Retrosink action is in order. How To Be A Retronaut has a neat gallery up of of old bread labels. They date from the 40s and 50s and with over a dozen images, they make for some good perusing to start the week.

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