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Re-purpose Mason Jars With Handy Lid

reCAP - Original Mason Jar Pour Cap

Mason jars are handy things, used for –believe it or not — much more than moonshine. They can be used to drink hooch and booze too! But if for some reason you wish to re-purpose a mason jar for some other socially-acceptable reason, like drinking water on the go, well it just so happens that the reCAP Original Mason Jar Pour Cap will allow you to do so. (At least that’s what you can tell everybody is in the jar.)

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Cover up the goodies before you break ‘em out

Fat Daddio's Lid For Half Sheet Pan

A secret family recipe that is always a hit consists of a crab and cheese* mixture on bread. These sure-fire party treats need to set up in the freezer before they can be unleashed. If I’m bringing them to a party, what better way than to just grab ‘em out of the freezer?

The Fat Daddio’s Lid For Half Sheet Pan is a perfect solution for storing and traveling with baked (or about-to-be-baked) foods. Snapping into place and with a height of 1.75 inches above the pan, the lid is easy to use and accommodates many cakes or other foods. Plastic wrap may be good for some applications, but if you’ve got a ringer of a recipe, you’re going to be bringing that tray out all the time. Best to cover up, and protect those appetizing goodies.

*Yes, I know. Fish and cheese rarely go together. But remember, crustaceans are not fish, and anybody who has ever had a shrimp and cheese po’ boy in New Orleans would understand.

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