There Is No Spoon

No fancy tricks here, just science. Order your own disappearing spoon, but don’t think that’s water you’re drinking. (It’s full of gallium!) (Via Boing Boing)

350cc’s Of Coffee, Stat!

Some people need to watch their caffeine intake, others may want to. Well, the way to do that quickly and easily is with the Laboratory Beaker Mug. With a capacity of about 12-ounces, the glass beaker-that-looks-like-a-mug is sure to keep coffee drinkers alert, awake and paying attention to anything and everything.

eCoupled Creates Packaging That Cooks

A few years ago I witnessed an eCoupled presentation of wireless power. While the underlying tech is nothing new, the execution is probably miles away from what Nikola Tesla imagined. For example, news coming out of CES 2011… food that cooks directly in the packaging… and no, not in a microwave.

Abracadabra! You may now drink your beer!

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. – Clarke’s Third Law Of course, you are not going to be fooling anyone if you don’t have a magic wand. Everybody knows that magic requires a magic wand. That’s like Magic’s First Law. But in a pinch, a thing that looks like a magic wand will… Continue reading Abracadabra! You may now drink your beer!

Fizz it yourself

Have a hankerin’ for milk and Pepsi but hate Pepsi? Well, if you’ve been suffering through the ultra sweet taste of that suspect combination just to get bubbles in milk, it’s time to let science lead you to better living. The U-FIZZ Drink Carbonation Kit consists of little more than a couple of plastic tubes… Continue reading Fizz it yourself