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Never Eat Out Again

Know Before You Eatâ„¢ currently tracks over 22,000 New York City restaurants and has inspection data going back to 2007. The app is available on the AppStorenow as a free download or at

What you don’t know can hurt you, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you do want to know. Not everything, at least. For some of us an ‘A’ in the window is good enough. For others… well, there’s an app for that.

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SkinnyLicious Menu from The Cheesecake Factory

SkinnyLicious Burgers from The Cheesecake Factory's new menu aptly named SkinnyLicious.

Doesn’t that look good up there? Those are SkinnyLicious Burgers from The Cheesecake Factory. Looks just as good as that cheesecake from the other day, right? No? Oh well. Better not revisit that link then and instead continue on for the SkinnyLicious press release.

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Today, July 30, Is National Cheesecake Day!

The Cheesecake Factory's new Hershey's Chocolate Bar Cheesecake will be available on National Cheesecake Day, July 30.

That’s the new Hershey’s Chocolate Bar Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory up there. Looks good, doesn’t it? Today being National Cheesecake Day you can try it for half-off (the price, not the slice). Read the press release below for all the mouth-watering details.

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Because Hot Dog News Is Important: The Royal Dog

PINK'S WELCOMES THE ROYAL COUPLE TO L.A. by offering The Royal Dog on the menu and now has a banner across the front of Pink's saying

I didn’t know the Royal Couple was honeymooning in Hollywood, but I do know a good hot dog when I see one. Maybe Will and Kate (whoever they are) can take one back to the other side of the pond to give the food of their country a much needed, uh, hot beef injection of flavor.

This is a press release:

Pink’s Hot Dogs Welcomes Will & Kate to L.A. with a Banner and a New Hot Dog

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Pink’s Hot Dogs welcomes the Royal Couple, Will & Kate, to Los Angeles with a banner displayed across the front of the stand which reads: “PINK’S WELCOMES WILL & KATE TO L.A.!!!”

A new hot dog was created in honor of the royal visit – THE ROYAL DOG, 2 Hot Dogs in 1 bun with “royal toppings” which include: mustard, cheese, onions, pickle relish, a “spot” of Pink’s famous chili and 2 slices of bacon, “a mere trifle at ₤3.73” or $6.00. Come one, come all, thou shall dine like Royalty!!

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Eatensil Is A Utensil For Everything

Just Eat everything utensil, the Eatensil.

If you’re in London (and surrounding areas) you can use the internet to eat. Well, to order to eat, that is. Of course they do everything backwards (and on the wrong side of the road) back there, so instead of calling it ‘take-out’ they say ‘takeaway’. And Just-Eat is the internet-y way of ordering.

But what to do when the fish and chips arrive without the little wooden fork? Well, in a clever marketing bit, Just-Eat has created the Swiss Army knife of utensils, the Eatensil. Packed into the monstrosity is a pizza cutter, a wooden chip fork, chopsticks, a knife, a fork and a spoon. And for good measure a bottle opener is housed directly in the body. It doesn’t look like the Eatensil is in actual production, but I’m guessing that even over there, the pizza does arrive pre-sliced.

(Via Pocket Lint)

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Hard Rock Cafe Panama: Jump!

Hard Rock Hotel Panama Megapolis, First Hard Rock Property in Latin America, Expected to Open December 2011

Hard Rock Hotel Panama Megapolis, First Hard Rock Property in Latin America, Expected to Open December 2011

There’s really only one thing left to say:

Well except for the rest of the press release, which follows…

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