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(Not So) Scary Halloween Kitchen Towels

Halloween Print Kitchen Towels

Soon, little ‘boils’ and ‘ghouls’ will be dressing in costumes and hitting the neighborhood streets going door to door asking for candy. One day out of the year, this surprisingly works! Perhaps this was all a big scheme cooked up by candy-makers, or perhaps it is the threat of tricks that earn these little costumed kids their treats. In any event, one thing is for certain: those little goblins are gonna come back sticky and covered in chocolate.

Be at the ready with these Halloween Kitchen Towels. They probably won’t be scaring anybody with their fun designs, but that’s okay — certainly, the prospect of candy-covered fingers touching everything in the house is much scarier than a smiling Frankenstein or ghost!

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Pig Chart Kitchen Towel (Cow Too!)

Gourmet Classics Chef's Cut Chart Pig Kitchen Towel, 20 by 30-Inch

We all know that it is important to know where our food comes from, right? Luckily, there is a cheat sheet in case you forgot. A cheat sheet in the form of an everyday kitchen helper that is. The Gourmet Classics Chef’s Cut Chart Pig Kitchen Towel is a good-sized, 20-inch by 30-inch cotton towel printed with an image of what food comes from where on a pig. Perfect for cleaning up slop masterful kitchen creations.

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Moose Paper Towel Holder

Moose Paper Towel Holder

Apparently, moose (meese? mooses? moosi?) are keen on clean. How else could one explain the Moose Paper Towel Holder? And really, is there much else to even say?

Product Description
Moose Paper Towel Holder

Best product description of the new year!

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George Foreman Sponge For Cleaning Up Nicely

George Foreman GFSP3 3-pack Indoor Grill Cleaning Sponge by Applica

George Foreman cleaned up on his grills. It seems practically every household has (at least) one of them kicking around in the cupboard. And why not: they are affordable, efficient and easy to use. And now, thanks to these specialized sponges, they are also easy to clean. The grooved sponges are designed to fit into practically all of George’s grill plates. And naturally, they come in a pack of three: one for each grill in the house.

You can pick up the George Foreman GFSP3 3-pack Indoor Grill Cleaning Sponge by Applica over at

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Happy Mother’s Day… Have Some Towels!

Mother's Day Towel Set by Mary Lake-Thompson Ltd.

Because nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like ‘Here, clean up after me’ does. Happy Mother’s Day!

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Loofah those fruits and vegetables

Eggplant, Ladybug and Pineapple Kitchen Loofahs

Fruits and vegetables never looked better after getting scrubbed with these Loofah-Art Natural Non-Scratch Kitchen Scrubber – Assorted Vegetables (Eggplant). Choose between Eggplant, Ladybug or Pineapple (and more) and easily wash dirt and grime away from everyday foods. The soft surface also means that these loofahs can also be used to safely clean non-stick pots and pans.

The best part is when not in use, these little loofahs look great hanging next to the sink. They each measure about 4-inches by 3-inches, and are instantly recognizable as the thing that they portray; although I’m not exactly sure what a ladybug has to do with a pineapple and an eggplant.

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