Half a Dozen Eggs on the Half Shell

Artin Rooster Egg-Cup Holder

I was first introduced to the concept of soft-boiled eggs, not via a soft-boiled egg as one might think, but rather the egg-cup in which it is served. Not knowing what the heck it was, I assumed the little stand with a concave indentation was only brought out for fancy parties—what kind of parties I could only imagine. As luck would have it, the egg-cup was soon filled with a soft-boiled egg, and the mystery was solved.

If my first soft-boiled egg had arrived at the table in this Artin Rooster Egg-Cup Holder perhaps the puzzling nature of the experience would have been obvious. It is a rooster after all. Standing guard over six earthenware cups, the 9-inches tall serving contrivance makes for an impressive display. At $29.95 consider it a small price to pay for an egg-ucation. Ahem.

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