Grandpa Witmer Mixes Up The Peanut Butter

Grandpa Witmer's Model 100 Old Fashioned Natural Peanut Butter Mixer 3214

Good peanut butter is essential. But as anyone knows who goes for the good stuff, it tends to separate upon standing. One could use a butter knife to mix up the peanut butter, having it emerge from the jar like some kind of peanut butter club, or one could use Grandpa Witmer’s Old Fashioned Natural Peanut Butter Mixer. Then again, if you use a butter knife as a stirring implement, half of the jar of peanut butter is likely to stick to it, and then you would have to eat it–which really isn’t a bad thing after all.

Product Description
Oil separation is a natural occurrence for non-hydrogenated peanut butter. This innovative new device will easily stir the peanut butter in the original conatiner without splashing the oil. It conveniently cleans the mixing rod upon removal from the jar

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