How to jazz up a popcorn maker

blinQ Popcorn Factory

I can just see the conversation now:

“Hey Hal, we got a warehouse full of these crappy air poppers that didn’t sell.”
“Well, Tommy, you know cooking with kids is big…”
“Yeah, but these ain’t made for kids.”
“Tell you what, slap a big ol’ “FUN!” sticker on it and they will be. But not too big, stickers are expensive.”
“I dunno… it’s still kind of… ugly. Maybe the boys will like it.”
“No problem, but a pink hat on it for melting butter and problem solved.”
“Hey, you just doubled our target market!”
“That’s why I make the big bucks. Call it the blinQ Popcorn Factory and we’re done.”
“You’re a genius!”
“You’d be surprised, Tommy. We haven’t got anything new in since 1993.”

For $29.95 you too can feel a part of the conversation.

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