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TGIPiday Or TGIPieday? Both Are Correct: Pi Pie Pan!

Pi Pie Pan by Pi People for pi-day OR pie-day!

Phew, TGIPiday, right? Or is it TGIPieday? Doesn’t matter; either way works! The Pi Pie Pan by Pi People is a pi-shaped pie pan. Not cake, mind you. Pie. The volume is equal to a standard 9 inch pie pan, but with this pan instead of empty calories you’ll be eating delicious math.

Don’t forget the pi plate to eat your pie with.

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Zak Designs Emeril 8-Piece Geo Table Art

Zak Designs Emeril 8-Piece Geo Table Art, White

Whether you sup at a round dining table or square, the Zak Designs Emeril 8-Piece Geo Table Art serving set will fit right in. The dishwasher-safe melamine bowls measure about 8-inches across at the deepest part and encourage creative table-setting due to their unique shapes. That and eating geometrically appropriate foods like split-pea soup and half-sandwiches.

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A Plate Made Just For Pancakes

The Pancake Plate Designed By Jon Wye

Pancakes, being the delicious pillows of deliciousness that they are, demand a little respect. Or at least thoughtfulness. Which is why these Pancake Plates Designed By Jon Wye deserve attention. As one can see from the product photo, the syrup pools into a waiting reservoir allowing one to perfectly control the pancake-to-syrup ratio.

After the jump, check out another product photo better showing how this is accomplished. And for the heck of it, an example of how not to make a pancake plate.

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PlateTopper Food Protector (And Storage)

Kickstarter project, PlateTopper, by Michael Tseng.

Nobody likes to mess around with leftovers; once dinner is done, the food needs to go away. The PlateTopper by Michael Tseng would agree. Not only would it be useful to quickly and efficiently cover a plate full of leftovers for storage, but it would also keep any pesky critters that may be in your house from stealing food off the plate when you get up to get a refill.

It’s not a reality yet, but head on over to the Kickstarter page to see how you can help it along.

(Via Gizmodo)

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Make Your Plates Look Like Ice Cream Sandwiches

Dinnerware Storage 8 pc Set in Chocolate Brown Micro Fiber

This Chocolate Brown Quilted Microfiber China Storage Set looks extremely convenient for storing dinnerware. It also looks like a bunch of chocolate confections like wafer ice cream sandwiches or Oreos just waiting to be eaten. Well, kind of at least. Maybe. Or perhaps I’m just seeing things I want to see because it is hot. Anyway, TGIF!

Product description:

This Quilted Microfiber China Storage Set keeps heirloom china safe from scratches and dust year after year. This 8-piece durable microfiber quilted set features zipper closures to ensure clean storage. Specially designed to fit square and round plates, these cases provide dividers to cushion dishes for worry-free stacking, and feature easy-view windows. Set includes 8 cases to accommodate the following sizes: 7″ saucers, 8″ dessert plates, 9 1/2″ salad plates, 12″ dinner plates. Also includes 12-cup chest, 18″ L x 12″ W platter case, 15″ L x 10″ W and 16″ L x 12″ W platter and serving dish cases. Assembly level/degree of difficulty: No Assembly Required.

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Don’t Get Fooled–This Is The Original Shirt Plate

The Original Shirt Plate might be the easiest April Fool’s Day joke product to make yourself. That is, if you can just get up off the couch! Also, then you would have a cheap imitation, and you wouldn’t want to get fooled by a cheap imitation now, would you? Best to stick with the Original Shirt Plate.

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