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TGIPiday Or TGIPieday? Both Are Correct: Pi Pie Pan!

Pi Pie Pan by Pi People for pi-day OR pie-day!

Phew, TGIPiday, right? Or is it TGIPieday? Doesn’t matter; either way works! The Pi Pie Pan by Pi People is a pi-shaped pie pan. Not cake, mind you. Pie. The volume is equal to a standard 9 inch pie pan, but with this pan instead of empty calories you’ll be eating delicious math.

Don’t forget the pi plate to eat your pie with.

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I Ate Some Pie and It Was Delicious

I Ate Some Pie and It Was Delicious Coffee Mug

I Ate Some Pie and It Was Delicious Just thought you should know. Happy Pi Day!

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Like A Big Pizza Pi

Pizza Pi Cutter

It was only a matter of time.

Quick question: which pizza has more pizza? The 18” large at pizzeria A or the 16” large at pizzeria B? Why pizzeria A of course. But if they charge a higher price for their large, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best deal. To figure out the area of any pizza circle, pi is necessary. Remember pi x r-squared? Yup, that’s area. As in usable, eatable pizza pie. So it seems only appropriate that the Pizza Pi Cutter exists.

Of course, this doesn’t take into account any coupons for chicken wings to go with, but it would work for mostly circular chicken nuggets. But if your pizzeria is hawking nuggets, you probably want the other pizzeria anyways.

December 9, 2010   No Comments

An Endless String Of Pie

Pi Pie Plate

Pie one can eat; pi, one cannot eat. Although considering the calories in a single slice of pie, that’s probably a good thing. An endless string of pie might sound like a good idea, but after a few pieces anybody would appreciate the truncated version. In any event, the Pi Pie Plate being 10-inches can only hold so much pi.

Product Features:

* Pies will taste better in this pi plate
* Traditional 10″ stoneware pie plate
* Microwave, oven and dishwasher safe.
* ComputerGear Exclusive

November 29, 2010   1 Comment