Don’t Get Fooled–This Is The Original Shirt Plate

The Original Shirt Plate might be the easiest April Fool’s Day joke product to make yourself. That is, if you can just get up off the couch! Also, then you would have a cheap imitation, and you wouldn’t want to get fooled by a cheap imitation now, would you? Best to stick with the Original Shirt Plate.

From the makers of Bowl Pants and Sock Spoon…

• Keep your snacks close by while lounging, working, sleeping or gaming
• Classic black t-shirt in sizes from Kids S to Adult 6X
• Look Ma! No hands! (She’ll be so proud!)

ThinkGeek merchant Mike Kochis had a dream. A dream that one day he could have a plate of food that sat on his chest while he played video games. He tried balancing normal plates, nestling them between his chin and belly, but alas, they would slip and slide and cause a mess. Putting a plate of food on the coffee table involved sitting up to reach it. Putting it on the couch worked, but often resulted in finding chips between the cushions weeks later. Then there was that time he licked pudding off his bare chest. (The UPS delivery guy will never be the same.)

But then, he found Shirt Plate.

Each Original Shirt Plate is made of high quality, unbreakable plastic. We ran it over with Willie’s SUV and it didn’t even get a scratch! The Original Shirt Plate attaches to a classic black cotton t-shirt using an ingenious system of washable hook and loop fasteners. This means you can eat the messiest foods with confidence, even while fully reclined!

In no time at all, the Original Shirt Plate will become your go-to gaming and grazing shirt. Load it up with your dinner or snacks, settle into your favorite recliner, and just tilt your head down to enjoy your food. Due to the resounding success of Original Shirt Plate via their infomercial, look for Tux Style Shirt Plate, Game Day Shirt Plate (with dip bowl belt clip!), and Fine China Shirt Plate coming soon!

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