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No pizza is safe from Mario Batali pizza cutters


Okay, it’s official: Mario Batali truly is a superhero. Just take a look at that Mario Batali Pizza Knife. Only the purest of heart and clearest of mind can wield such a weapon tool. It even has his personal superhero logo plastered on it, so there can be no doubt as to whom it belongs. The pizza knife measures fifteen and a half inches across, allowing for the slaying slicing of most pizzas in one fell swoop. For the not-so-pure-of-heart, or for those still in training, there is always the Mario Batali Pizza Wheel. As a convenience for the home cook, the master chef has made sure there is a place for these in the home; Both the wheel and the knife feature nylon styling to protect your delicate non-stick pans.


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Hot Pot learns a pizza lesson


All cookware should come in 2-in-1 form. What has worked so well for pizza toppings can easily be incorporated into other dishes. Take for example, this 2-in-1 Hot Pot (11-in.) by Tayama. Perfectly designed with a slightly off-center divider (one flavor is bound to be more popular), the hot pot makes it easy for diners to not only choose their own meats and vegetables, but what to dip them into too.

With one side filled with a spicy stock (the larger side of course), and the other not so spicy, eaters are given a choice aimed to please particular palates. Be careful which side you fill up with the good stuff though; you don’t want to be left with an abundance of anchovy-ham-pineapple stew.

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Pizza by the dashboard light

Porta-Pizza Oven

Any good road trip requires road food. Perhaps when the tires hit the asphalt it’s just an excuse to devour foods of questionable sustenance. After all, it’s not too likely you’re gonna find healthy food on the off-ramp. If you don’t have any road trips planned this summer, you’re going to need another excuse to pile on the calories. Having an oven in the car designed to cook pizza would certainly supply that excuse.

The Porta-Pizza Oven is powered via your car’s 12V jack. The minimal controls (presumably for safety’s sake) provide a high and low setting for cooking or warming. Whether or not this oven will actually cook a pizza during your commute is irrelevant. What does matter, however, is that armed with a pizza oven, you’re simply going to have to find out. Remember: when pizza’s on the dashboard, you can eat pizza any time.

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Spin me a (half-baked) pizza

Presto Pizzazz Pizza Oven

A buddy of mine at one time owned an old ‘portable’ CD player in name only. Smaller than the actual CD, the payer operated by spinning the disk in the open air. As the disc passed the enclosed portion the laser read the CD and sent the music to attached speakers or headphones. Of course, the fact that the CD was spinning furiously meant you could not move it while it was playing. Yes, it may have been as small as an iPod, and yes, it did actually play CD’s, but it may as well have been a stationary player.

Despite instantly reminding me about a ridiculous concept for a portable CD player, the Presto Pizzazz Pizza Oven, rates surprisingly high in customer reviews at Amazon. The rotating pizza oven (with ‘RotaBake(TM) technology’) has top and bottom heating elements for precision baking control. Self-rising pizzas can be baked by running the bottom element first before turning on the top element. If you like your pizza with a crispy crust, that can be achieved by letting the bottom element run for a little longer. Clearly designed for the frozen pizza market, the oven looks like it might be able to step up to the task – like a half-useful portable CD player.

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Grow your own $100 cucumber

Cucumber on a pizza?

You know how square watermelons (for some reason) sell for close to one hundred dollars in Japan? Well, now you can get in on the ground floor for the next big craze: fanciful cucumber design. Tap into your entrepreneurial spirit with Heart Shaped Cucumber Molds.

Working the same way as the aforementioned ovally-challenged watermelons, simply place your young cucumber into the device and let Mother Nature run its course. (Constricted by this contraption, that is.) When it’s time to harvest, remove the sleeve, and it’s off to market you go!

Via InventorSpot

February 26, 2009   6 Comments

Chop salad right in the bowl — and more

Salad Chopper Bowl

Like many others, I find myself using appliances and tools for tasks that they are not designed for. Be it a screwdriver as a hammer or a fork as a knife, there are hidden uses lurking in all of our hand tools. Sometimes, they are not so hidden.

This Salad Chopper and Bowl from OXO looks to me like it has a second, more useful application. Sure the bowl is great, but I can’t really see myself chopping vegetables inside of it. Some pieces would end up too big, some too small, and all of them oddly shaped. Instead, I’ll choose to chop my salad the old-fashioned way, and serve with pizza strips that could only be cut from such an original salad pizza chopper.

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