When Pizza’s On A Stovetop…

…you can have pizza any time! The Pizzacraft Pizzeria Pronto Stovetop Pizza Oven is waiting for you. That’s important, because we’re talking about pizza here. Nobody wants to wait for pizza. But it’s not like the microwave is a good option. Well good news for those with a gas stovetop. The stovetop pizza oven settles… Continue reading When Pizza’s On A Stovetop…

Pizza Box Oven For Delivery On The Kitchen Counter

The kitchen counter is used for many things. Sure, cooking and prep work occurs there on a daily basis, but it also becomes a platform for other things. No, not various kitchen tasks like emptying out the junk drawer or putting things in jars (both noble pursuits). The kitchen counter happens to be a great… Continue reading Pizza Box Oven For Delivery On The Kitchen Counter

Pizza by the dashboard light

Any good road trip requires road food. Perhaps when the tires hit the asphalt it’s just an excuse to devour foods of questionable sustenance. After all, it’s not too likely you’re gonna find healthy food on the off-ramp. If you don’t have any road trips planned this summer, you’re going to need another excuse to… Continue reading Pizza by the dashboard light

Spin me a (half-baked) pizza

A buddy of mine at one time owned an old ‘portable’ CD player in name only. Smaller than the actual CD, the payer operated by spinning the disk in the open air. As the disc passed the enclosed portion the laser read the CD and sent the music to attached speakers or headphones. Of course,… Continue reading Spin me a (half-baked) pizza