Pizza by the dashboard light

Porta-Pizza Oven

Any good road trip requires road food. Perhaps when the tires hit the asphalt it’s just an excuse to devour foods of questionable sustenance. After all, it’s not too likely you’re gonna find healthy food on the off-ramp. If you don’t have any road trips planned this summer, you’re going to need another excuse to pile on the calories. Having an oven in the car designed to cook pizza would certainly supply that excuse.

The Porta-Pizza Oven is powered via your car’s 12V jack. The minimal controls (presumably for safety’s sake) provide a high and low setting for cooking or warming. Whether or not this oven will actually cook a pizza during your commute is irrelevant. What does matter, however, is that armed with a pizza oven, you’re simply going to have to find out. Remember: when pizza’s on the dashboard, you can eat pizza any time.

(Via technabob)

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  1. They should make this available to fit in the spot where a car stereo could go!

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