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Like A Big Pizza Pi

Pizza Pi Cutter

It was only a matter of time.

Quick question: which pizza has more pizza? The 18” large at pizzeria A or the 16” large at pizzeria B? Why pizzeria A of course. But if they charge a higher price for their large, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best deal. To figure out the area of any pizza circle, pi is necessary. Remember pi x r-squared? Yup, that’s area. As in usable, eatable pizza pie. So it seems only appropriate that the Pizza Pi Cutter exists.

Of course, this doesn’t take into account any coupons for chicken wings to go with, but it would work for mostly circular chicken nuggets. But if your pizzeria is hawking nuggets, you probably want the other pizzeria anyways.

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Be Your Own Pizza Delivery Guy

20 x 20 in Insulated Pizza Delivery Bag

There’s a well-known national brand of frozen pizza that purports to be as good as delivery. Whether or not that is actually true is up to your own taste buds to decide (and determined by the quality of delivery in your area). One way to at least extend the illusion is with this affordable Insulated Pizza Delivery Bag. Yes, you can buy them.

The red insulated bag measures 20-inches by 20-inches, which is of course larger than most any frozen pizza one might come across. However, if one has designs on stocking up on frozen pizza and then passing them off as delivery, a little sleight of hand could do the trick. Just be sure to use a clean box.

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A Pizza Stone Not Just For Squares

Rectangular Pizza Stone

Sicily is triangular in shape like a nice slice of Neapolitan pizza, but Sicilian pizza is square; go figure. Anyway you slice it both varieties are delicious, but if homemade square pizza is on the menu the Rectangular Pizza Stone can help.

While a pan may be the appropriate cooking vessel for a square pizza, the concentrated and uniformly distributed heat provided by having a pizza stone in the oven goes a long way in mimicking the real thing. At a price of only $25, it’s a lot cheaper than having a real pizza oven installed, or having one shipped over from Italy. The chrome-plated steel wire rack is a nice touch too, as anyone who has wrestled with a hot pizza stone would know. Measures 13-inches by 15-inches.

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Pizza Scissors Finally Make It Easy To Cut Pizza Slices

Noble Cut ‘n’ Serve Pizza Scissors

It’s hard to top the cutting wheel when it comes to creating pizza slices: with a 360-degree cutting edge, all that it takes is to roll it across the pizza pie. While it may the fastest, easiest and most intuitive way ever to cut pizza, that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved updated redesigned replaced. While “goofy rolling pizza wheels” (seriously, it’s in the product description), only offer cutting ability, the Noble Cut ‘n’ Serve Pizza Scissors also incorporates a spatula. No, that’s not goofy at all!

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Mama, let your children grow up to be pizza-makers

Curious Chef Pizza Kit (7-pc.)

There’s a new breed of pizza-maker out there: one that appreciates the tradition and culture of pizza. Like what microbrewing did for beer drinking, artisan pizza-makers are doing for the classic pie. Restaurants are popping up dedicated to the craft of pizza-making, and the results show in a quality menu. However, for all this attention heaped upon dough, sauce and cheese, the average slice still lacks soul. To be able to partake in this new pizza culture requires a commitment of an entire pie; sometimes I just want to go down to the corner and grab a slice.

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Four times the pizza party


One of the most enjoyable food dilemmas out there is what to put on your pizza. While there are no incorrect answers (like putting ketchup on a hot dog), chances are that not everyone is going to side with your anchovy, pineapple and garlic preferences. Sure, you can make pizza with one half topped one way, and the other half topped another way, but then you only have half of a pizza the way you really want it. Wouldn’t you rather just have the whole pie the way you want it? Or better yet, four of ‘em.

Okay, so this Pizza Pan Set is all about sharing and those four pies aren’t all going to one place (hopefully). No matter what you want on your pizza, with four pies in the oven, everybody is going to get a slice. If you’re lucky there may even be some of that anchovy special left over.

September 28, 2009   1 Comment