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You too can fondue

Trudeau Electric 3-n-1 Fondue Set

Fondue couldn’t be easier than with this Trudeau Electric 3-n-1 Fondue Set. No matter if you prefer sweet or savory, broth or oil, the fondue of your choice is as simple as can be. A stoneware insert allows for 2-quart capacity bourguignonne fondue, while if you prefer cheese or chocolate, a 3.25-cup capacity stoneware insert will do the trick. The electric pot also features a variable temperature dial eliminating the need to fuss with an uneven flame. The fondue set includes six serving forks, and recipes are also included. You too can revisit (or visit for the first time) a classic communal party meal designed to bring people together. Also makes for a great gift.

July 13, 2009   No Comments

Wide-mouthed frog serves up no flies

Frog Dip Bowl & Spreader

I had a frog growing up. Well, a frog-shaped cookie jar, that is. I think he had a yellow bow tie. While that distinguishing feature somehow made raiding the cookie jar OK, this wide-mouthed frog has a bowlful of dip in its belly.

The Frog Dip Bowl & Spreader brightens up the party spread. Good for dips and cheeses, the earthenware frog comes with a spreading knife to match. It’s not easy being green, but this little guy keeps trying — hopefully those aren’t flies in that dip!

May 22, 2009   No Comments

This beer is yours, no question about it

Bottle Markers by Make My Day

It’s the weekend and it’s time to get out there and shake off some steam. If you find yourself at a party with everybody imbibing a good time, chances are your particular adult beverage will at some point get lost in the fray. Perhaps the host had the foresight to stall the oft-repeated refrain ‘Is this beer mine?’ by supplying these Bottle Markers by Make My Day. Made of silicone, the marker slides over the neck of your beverage, and is easily identifiable by color. Now all you have to do is remember which color is yours.

May 15, 2009   1 Comment

Deviled eggs on the go

Snap 'N Stack Egg-Tainer by Snapware

I have a friend who knows how to make two things: a bowl of cereal and deviled eggs. How this odd combination of minimal kitchen knowledge came be I never asked, but one thing is certain: those deviled eggs are good. (She also pours a mean bowl of milk.)

With the Snap ‘N Stack Egg-Tainer by Snapware those delicious deviled eggs can be safely and easily transported back to my house. Next time she has a party, I can simply show up with this double-tiered storage container and nestle the eggs into the rounded recesses. I would then be able to easily sneak away and safely carry up to 24 deviled eggs back home. I’m sure the remaining party guests wouldn’t mind mingling with bowls of cereal.

March 19, 2009   No Comments

Wine Tote stretches and keeps cool

Built NY Wine Tote

Did you hear? Winter is over. (Well, almost.) Soon it will be time to venture back outdoors and gather with friends and family. Food is practically a requirement at most get-togethers, but wine always makes a nice splash too.

Consider the Built NY Wine Tote for all your wine traveling needs. Made from neoprene, it stretches to accommodate most common sized bottles. Easy to carry, the tote insulates wine or champagne for up to four hours. As an added bonus, the bottles have their own compartment so they wont be clacking together (or breaking) while on your way to the party.

March 17, 2009   1 Comment