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ChillBall Intelligent Ice In-Glass Wine Chiller

Make My Day ChillBall Intelligent Ice In-Glass Wine Chiller

Hot day, cold wine: good. Hot day, warm wine: not-so-good. But in these days of summer, it so often seems there isn’t enough time to chill the wine. One could do the seemingly sensible thing and drop an ice cube in the glass to cool down the wine quickly and effectively. Then again, that move is regarded as a faux pas by many. (Unless you’re drinking Two Buck Chuck, in which that case dilution would be a good thing.)

If you like what you’re drinking, but just want it cool, now, the Make My Day ChillBall Intelligent Ice In-Glass Wine Chiller offers a good (non-toxic) solution. The sealed spheres each contain a food-safe non-toxic gel and are designed to go from freezer to glass with no flavor-destroying side effects. And if you still get sideways glances and rude stares just tell ’em it’s the good stuff.

June 26, 2011   No Comments

This beer is yours, no question about it

Bottle Markers by Make My Day

It’s the weekend and it’s time to get out there and shake off some steam. If you find yourself at a party with everybody imbibing a good time, chances are your particular adult beverage will at some point get lost in the fray. Perhaps the host had the foresight to stall the oft-repeated refrain ‘Is this beer mine?’ by supplying these Bottle Markers by Make My Day. Made of silicone, the marker slides over the neck of your beverage, and is easily identifiable by color. Now all you have to do is remember which color is yours.

May 15, 2009   1 Comment