Home Of Pancakes: Pancake Floor Pillows

Relaxing with the Pancake Floor Pillows by Todd von Bastiaans.

Who wouldn’t want to flop right down with some flapjacks? Well, now you can, without even getting sticky from all that maple syrup. Just order up a batch of these Pancake Floor Pillows and you are on your way to making your house a true house of pancakes.

Pancake Floor Pillows by Todd von Bastiaans

Product Description:
a collaboration with bryan mccarthy, these pancake floor pillows look good enough to eat and comfortable enough to sit on. measuring a whopping 36″ in diameter, the pancakes are upholstered 2″ tempurpedic-type foam with digital printing.

also available are the pancake specials with super-cool side detail and 4″ foam.

stack them in a corner when not used and throw them around to lounge in comfort.

stacks of 2 or more receive a 10% discount (by hand); stacks of 3 or more receive a 10% discount and a butter pat!

get ’em while they are hot! this stuff is going to sell like hotcakes! limited to stock available.

(Via Boing Boing)

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