Eggcradle For All Your Deviled Egg Needs

Fusionbrands Deviled Egg / Appetizer Holders, Set of 6

Deviled eggs have a long history of being a go-to party appetizer. Nothing wrong with that; they are delicious little nibbles. However, their popularity is cause enough for hosts and hostesses everywhere to try to gussy them up. Problem is, one doesn’t necessarily want or need to mess with the classics. And if you do, perhaps it is best to start from the bottom up. As in what they are served on.

With the Fusionbrands Eggcradle nestling each deviled egg, guests are sure to notice each and every appetizer. Plus, they make an easy way to see who has been eating all the deviled eggs–just find the guy carrying all these little trays around.

Product Description:
The Eggcradle is a reusable, modern deviled egg, appetizer, small bite and tastings holder and server. Arrange the Eggcradle any way on any plate. Allows for easy, mess-free pick up of deviled eggs and more. Set of 6. Eggcradles are stackable and easy to store. Made of FDA food safe polypropylene. Easy to clean; dishwasher safe. Each Eggcradle measures 3-inch long, 1-3/4-inch tall and 1-1/4-inch wide. Warm translucent colors. By Fusionbrands.

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