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Vintage Coffee Kitchen Collectibles Figurines

Vintage Coffee Kitchen Collectibles Figurines By Collections Etc

Coffee in the morning is an essential part of waking up. Or, one could just take a quick glance at any of these Vintage Coffee Kitchen Collectibles Figurines By Collections Etc. The set is comprised of coffee related accessories and all of these polyresin figures have crazy smiles on their faces. Not sure what they are so excited about though seeing as they are about to be ground, heated and brewed. Perhaps they have had too many cups of themselves to start off the day! In any event, the set is quite affordable at under $20 and would make for a fun gift for any coffee lover — assuming of course they can get past the expressions on these little guys in the morning.

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1 Tiffany { 01.16.18 at 9:11 pm }

Hi I was wondering when these fun coffee guys will be available for purchase agin?? Thank you

2 Kitchen Gadgets Blog { 01.16.18 at 9:27 pm }

Good question Tiffany. The reviews sure like ’em! They were from Collections Etc so maybe they can be convinced to bring ’em back. We all want a second cup!

3 Marilyn { 04.29.18 at 4:36 pm }

Hello l wish you guys would hurry up and bring theses back ,l have been waiting for 2 years now, Come on guys!! I love them

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