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Grow Your Own Salad Kit… For Fifty Bucks

Salad Set -- Fifty dollar salad-in-a-box

Now, for only $49.99 you, yes, you could be the proud owner of… some seeds and a bowl. Somebody here was thinking (just not for your benefit): pretty packaging with some gardening “secrets” thrown in, and the salad-in-a-box is sure to be this summer’s hot item.

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June 16, 2010   No Comments

Your $5.99 down the drain

Farberware Pro Tuna Press

I totally understand the rationale for the Farberware Pro Tuna Press to exist. A can of tuna is filled with oil or water; somehow that liquid needs to be removed. Of course, a tuna press! The only question that remains is how to remove the lid from the can of tuna when it drops down into the can. I guess by pressing down on it… that would then press out the water. Oh. Hmm…still, this useless kitchen gadget is a nice green color, isn’t it? I wonder what the semi-pro version looks like.

December 4, 2009   2 Comments