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Get Your Gravity Right Here For Only $124.95!

Starbucks Premium Pour-Over Brewer

Using a dripper to make a make a mighty fine cup of pour-over coffee is about as old-school as it gets. Using the Starbucks Premium Pour-Over Brewer to brew said cup, not so much. Sure it looks nice, but does it look $100+ nice? Maybe — eye of the beholder and all that. But the question still remains: how does anyone afford Starbucks coffee after purchasing it?

Product Description:
Bring beautiful, functional design into your home with this Premium Pour-Over Brewer, handmade by Darin Montgomery, founder of Seattle-based urbancase, a furniture and product design studio. Made from Corian solid surface material and domestic walnut, this elegant pour-over brewer reflects the aesthetics and functional design principles that contribute to living – simply – well. The single-serving ceramic pour-over cone regulates water flow to allow for the full extraction of coffee flavors. The cone sits on top of the handmade brewer stand while your favorite mug or tumbler fits underneath. With proper care and maintenance, this premium brewer should bring years of use. Ceramic cone is dishwasher safe. — Important Care Information: Do not immerse in water. Clean with a damp sponge. A mild detergent may be used. Corian is maintenance free but the walnut will require some care. Over time the oil/wax finish will need to be refreshed. Use a food-grade penetrating oil available at most kitchen stores. Avoid using vegetable oils.

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Waffle Tongs?

Norpro Waffle Tongs

Now I appreciate me some waffle tongs as much as the next guy, but I’m not sure they justify a ten dollar price tag. Now granted, I’m sure these Norpro Waffle Tongs work better than say, a sledgehammer, would for lifting waffles out of the waffle iron, but chances are there is another gadget or tool hanging about the kitchen that will do the job just as well.

But then again, might as well one pick up just in case — perhaps if its waffle-picking up duties are over exaggerated, it could be used as a hair clip instead!

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Handy Gourmet Forever Fizz 2 Liter Soda Dispenser

Handy Gourmet JB6066 Forever Fizz

Dear Soda People,

Drink carefully.

Reviewers seem to hate this thing. The thing? The Handy Gourmet JB6066 Forever Fizz.

They say:

At first glance I thought it might be fun. I am into interesting gadgets. But this is not a useful gadget. It’s not even an interesting toy. It is a complete waste of money. If you should wind up with one of these, hopefully through no fault of your own, be sure you do all your experimenting in the kitchen sink. No you don’t have to do it in the shower. There is no real pressure. There is no gushing out of your soda. There is no fun.
— john the artist


So then, where do all the unsold units go?

Why to the dark corners of Amazon, where all those bad reviews magically disappear.
Listed for $2.83 $2.50 as the Coke Fizzy Soda Drinking Dispense Gadget Cool Dispenser, the failed product will live on and on and on and…

Sincerely, Beyond The Kitchen Sink

PS: Yikes! Fifteen one star reviews (and two very suspect 5 star reviews) over on QVC where they are branded as the K25916 – Prepology Set of 2 Fizz Saver 2-Liter Soda Dispensers.

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Star Wars Concepts Rejected From The Kitchen

R2-D2 Portable Wet Bar and Han Solo In Carbonite Popsicle Mold

On a day that comes once every four years, it somehow seems appropriate to take a look at what could have been. That is, what could have been in the kitchen. Action Figure Insider compiled a list of rejected Star Wars paraphernalia. Not surprisingly, there are a few kitchen-specific items.

Who wouldn’t want the R2-D2 Portable Wet Bar or Han Solo In Carbonite Popsicle Mold? Or perhaps you yearn for those “legends of the kitchen table,” salt and pepper shakers. In a world overrun with so much Star Wars merchandise, the question isn’t so much as why when it comes to these potential products, as it is to why not? I know I’m looking forward to summer and would appreciate a Floating Landspeeder Can Koozie!

Click either image to see the full collection that somehow made it into the garbage compactor.

Floating Landspeeder Can Koozie and Star Wars salt and pepper shakers

(Via io9)

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Wilton Kids Topping Tornado

Wilton Kids Topping Tornado

Wow. It looks like the bar has been reset for nonsensical kitchen gadgets. As one who enjoys finding sprinkles strewn about the house days after a cupcake-decorating event, I’m not sure the Wilton Kids Topping Tornado would find much use in my household. Your experience however, may vary. Check it out in action below. (Annoying hum is them, not you.)

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Laptop Cooking: Electrolux Mobile Kitchen Concept

Electrolux Mobile Kitchen Concept

The Electrolux Design Lab is an annual competition that encourages design students to come up with concepts that may (or in this case, may not) someday see the light of day. The Electrolux Mobile Kitchen Concept is a laptop and a portable induction cooker crammed into one. It doesn’t really make any sense considering the popularity of connected tablets and phones. Not to mention most people try to keep splattered food and hot grease away from their screens. It didn’t win.

(Via Yanko Design and Engadget)

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