Press To Stuff Your Own Stuffed Burgers

Stuff A Burger Press by ABC

Some foods don’t lend themselves particularly well to consistency. We politely call these examples “rustic”. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; coarsely chopped vegetation of differing sizes can quite often add a pleasing effect. But sometimes you just want your homemade specialties to all be the same size with no surprises in store. A good example of when a surprise might be undesirable would be when biting into a stuffed burger. (Here might be another.)

The Stuff A Burger Press promotes consistency amongst (and between) patties by allowing for the uniform creation of stuffed burgers. Simply add ground meat, use the included insert to create a dimple, add filling and top with the remaining meat. Close to seal, and you got yourself a stuffed burger that can be created the same way every time. And if you really are into surprises, well, just use your imagination for what to use as the filling.

Product Description:
* Stuffed burgers explode with flavor, and this press makes creating them easier than ever. * Fill your hamburgers with mushroom and Swiss, cheddar and bacon, pizza toppings, olives, peppers and more. * Place ground beef, turkey or chicken in the base, add your personalized filling, and top with more ground meat. * Then, close the press to seal the sides, and cook it on the grill or in a pan. * It makes patties of a consistent size-no fighting over the biggest burger. * Made of polypropylene, it measures 6″ x 4-1/2″ dia. * Dishwasher safe. * Change the way your family eats hamburgers!

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