Oblong Pan Is A Bit Wok, A Bit Saucier

Royal VKB Boomerang Wok

Pots and pans are as simple as it gets when it comes to cookware. Just make ‘em out of something that can stand up to the heat while not spilling ingredients all over the place. Sure, choice of materials used in construction can always be a factor, but generally speaking the same basic shape of an open-mouthed vessel usually applies.

Not so with the Royal VKB Boomerang Wok. Featuring a distinctive oblong shape, the cookware is designed to facilitate the movement of ingredients without them spilling over onto the stovetop. Like a saucier, but not, the Boomerang is sort of a cross between a sauté pan and a pot. In addition to the usefulness as a convenient stir-fry pan, it looks like the elongated oversized pan would also be useful for flipping delicate foods such as fish, or easily creating eggs over-easy. In any event, it certainly looks like it would be fun to find out.

(Via Swissmiss)

Product Description:

Stir-frying enables you put a delicious, varied and healthy meal on the table in no time at all. Unfortunately, when stir-frying some of the ingredients do tend to end up next to the pan. However, with the Boomerang Wok this is a thing of the past! Thanks to the unique patented cupped edge of the Boomerang Wok, the ingredients can be turned with a simple movement of the spatula. The ingredients always end up back in the pan.

The Boomerang Wok not only makes stir-frying a bit easier, but larger pieces of food, such as a fillet of fish or meat can be turned in no time at all using the unique patented cupped edge.
The Boomerang Wok means it is no longer necessary to lift up the pan; the skills of a Chinese chef are incorporated in this pan.

Stir-frying has never been as much fun and as easy, and the cooker stays clean!

Color: grey
Diameter: 32 cm
Material: aluminium, teflon®

Design: Nikolaï Carels

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