Toas-Tite Grill

Toas-Tite grill

Were hot pocket sandwiches better back in the 40s? Most likely they were, even though they didn’t have microwaves. Strike that. Especially because they didn’t have microwaves. Instead, they apparently used the Toas-Tite Grill to whip up a quick and hot filled sandwich. Just clamp and hold over an open flame (like a gas burner) and you’ve got yourself some old school quick eats.

Product Description:
The Toas-Tite is Back! The much loved Toas-Tite grill was produced from 1945-1953, and then it disappeared. We don’t know why. About a year ago, my sister and I came up with the crazy idea of making exact replicas of the Toas-Tite grill from the 1940s. WE DID IT!!!!!!!! After making hundreds of Toas-Tites on our new grills, we’re sure you will enjoy them as much as we do. Makes a Luscious Sealed-In Drip Proof Toas-Tite Sandwich. Start a family Tradition, The Kids will Love Them. From Fruit Pies to Tuna Melts – the possibilities are endless.

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