Football, Shaken Not Stirred

It’s the Sunday before Thanksgiving and you know what that means: Football! The leaves are changing, the weather is cooling and Thursday Night Football is just around the corner — oh wait, TNF has already been ruined by the season-long amateur production from NFL Network — okay, strike that last one. But still, the season… Continue reading Football, Shaken Not Stirred

Day Of The Dead Sugar Skull Aprons

Don’t be left hungry for the Day of the Dead! But please, stay neat and tidy while preparing. Above we see the US Handmande CALAVERAS SUGAR SKULLS ROCKABILLY SKELETON LATINO PATTERN COTTON FABRIC REVERSIBLE APRON, “2 APRONS IN 1”, APR 1016. In case you are wondering, there are plenty more Sugar Skull Aprons where that… Continue reading Day Of The Dead Sugar Skull Aprons

Wooden Robot Nutcrackers From Suck UK

Little known fact: wind-up robots are powered by cracking nuts. Proof of this is clearly seen above as these two Robot Nutcrackers wait for instructions. Who knew the eventual robot uprising would be so delicious? These beechwood ‘bots are suitable for cracking small hazelnuts and almonds or large walnuts and are available in Small Red… Continue reading Wooden Robot Nutcrackers From Suck UK

Caffeinated Owls

Who needs a cup of coffee? The answer apparently, is owls. No wonder they stay up so late! Especially that double espresso caffeinated owl up there. He looks like he needs a biscotti to peck at. Art by Dave Mottram. Visit Dave Mott’s Shop. (Via Daily of the Day)

Extremely Large Cocktail Shaker For A Long Weekend

Its name is Sasquatch. Its mission: deliver the drinks; ten at a time. Your mission? Enjoy the long weekend. Preferably with nine friends! Sasquatch 110oz Extremely Large Cocktail Shaker Product Details: The rumors are true! Forget everything you know about cocktail shakers and upgrade to a our supernatural sized sasquatch cocktail shaker! Large enough to… Continue reading Extremely Large Cocktail Shaker For A Long Weekend