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Back To The Daily Grind With Fred

Fred and Friends Daily Grind Pepper Grinder

After a long weekend, it can be hard to go back to the daily grind. But, it must be done, so we go forth into the day and look that workweek right in the face — and sneeze in it. With a pepper grinder, that is.

Pepper may make us sneeze, but it also happens to be a delicious spice. Putting a new twist on getting pepper from peppercorn to plate, the Fred and Friends Daily Grind Pepper Grinder offers a charming way to fend off those workday blues.

As the pepper mill grinds the spice, the bodies and heads of the restaurant staff get mixed up; the chef, wine sommelier, waiter and patron all become one. Bright and colorful, the whimsical beechwood kitchen tool offers a fun way to get back to the daily grind — by facing it head-on with a handful of pepper.

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Wooden Robot Nutcrackers From Suck UK

Suck UK Wooden Robot Nutcrackers, Large and Small

Little known fact: wind-up robots are powered by cracking nuts. Proof of this is clearly seen above as these two Robot Nutcrackers wait for instructions. Who knew the eventual robot uprising would be so delicious?

These beechwood ‘bots are suitable for cracking small hazelnuts and almonds or large walnuts and are available in Small Red or Large Blue. Luckily for us humans, it doesn’t appear they have automatic operation quite yet, so they’ll need to keep us around for a while to keep feeding them.

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Go Al Dente With A Pasta Drying Rack

Eppicotispai Natural Beechwood Collapsable Pasta Drying Rack

Going through all the trouble to make your own pasta is only half the battle. Luckily, the other half requires little effort. Fresh pasta is great and all, but it can never be cooked al dente unless it was dried first. To help achieve that goal, one additional piece of equipment comes in handy. And again, it’s painless.

The Eppicotispai Natural Beechwood Collapsable Pasta Drying Rack is perfect for hanging fresh strands of pasta out to dry. The small beechwood accessory dries up to ten square feet of pasta at a time, and folds away for easy storage—which may or may not be a good thing depending on far back in the cupboard the rest of the pasta making gear is!

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