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You Pop It Popcorn Popper By Just Pop It!

You Pop It Popcorn Popper by Just Pop It! LLC

There is just something inherently honest about popcorn. An unpopped kernel sits, singular and waiting, naked in its simplicity. And when the time comes and heat is applied, everything on the inside turns out and it finds itself exposed to the word, ready for whatever comes next. Which of course, would be the butter and the salt!

Embracing this ideal is the You Pop It Popcorn Popper By Just Pop It! The simple stovetop contrivance is a popcorn popper that sticks to the basics. Just add kernels and oil and turn on the stove.

Stovetop popcorn is the best. By far. Except usually, one has to shake and stir to keep kernels from sticking. The You Pop It stovetop popper promises no shaking or stirring thanks to its unique design.

Instead of microwave bags full of hidden ingredients, instead of hot air poppers that result in flavorless popcorn, instead of relentless shaking and stirring, there is the You Pop It Popcorn Popper. And that’s not just a bunch of hot air.

For further proof of stark, honest reality and popcorn, watch the video below posted by Just Pop It, showing the whole process from start to finish.

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Personalize Your Own BBQ Branding Iron

Personalized BBQ Branding Iron (1-3 Letters) by Texas Irons

Still looking for that perfect gift for the guy who has everything? The Personalized BBQ Branding Iron by Texas Irons is here to the rescue.

The branding iron can be personalized with 1-3 letters, making the monogrammed gift ideal for those that are hard to shop for. Of course, if they already have a monogrammed branding iron, you could always choose another letter combination. Or, better yet, buy two and have them spell out “mine.” That’ll be sure to start a debate over the grill, with everybody saying, “That’s mine!”

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Giftcraft Retroflections Chatterbox Teapot

Giftcraft Telephone Retroflections Chatterbox Phone Teapot

Sure, the spout on the right side gives it away as a teapot, but what the heck is that big, blue thing supposed to be?

[

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The Original Shot Flask

The Original Shot Flask

Drinking is an activity best shared with others. Booze flasks are a portable drinking conveyance meant for one. However shall the two concepts come together?

Enter The Original Shot Flask.

The flask has an 8 ounce capacity and hides a collapsible 2 ounce shot glass that stores directly into the side of the flask.

Finally a way to share without sharing everything. Cheers!

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Chinese Dinner Party 1929 Stella Benson Block Print

1929 Print Chinese Dinner Party China Chop Sticks Kuaizi Table Wok Stella Benson - Relief Line-block Print

This seems like a good opportunity to open up a new category. Welcome to the first post filed under ‘Decorative,’ enjoy!

What we have above is a Chinese Dinner Party 1929 Wood Block Print By Stella Benson.

I took the opportunity to learn a little about Stella Benson. She was born in 1892 to a wealthy English family. During her lifetime she traveled and wrote. Apparently she also made wood blocks. She died of pneumonia at the age of forty in December 1933 at Hongay in the Vietnamese province of Tonkin. She left behind a catalog of works that include multiple novels and poetry collections. (Via Wikipedia, July 2, 2012.)

The print above comes from a seller specializing in paper goods. They have a bunch of Stella Benson’s works available for sale right now. They images capture a sense of what travel meant to her. The seller has priced these at around $35 each, which seems incredibly reasonable to me. So if you are looking for a way to spruce up the walls in a unique way, definitely check out the PeriodPaper Storefront on Amazon. Good stuff.

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Pig Wine Says I Don’t Know


The answer, of course, is yes. It’s the weekend!

Decorative Spring Pink Wrought Iron Bright Pig Figurine Wine Bottle Stopper

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